The farm where I was born and raised

A little about me,

I grew up on a farm in the southeast corner of Strathcona County (pictured above) with three older brothers. Because of my upbringing, and the location I was fortunate to be born into, I was afforded many opportunities. I was taught the importance of family, kindness, and hard work. I was educated in our schools that gave me the tools to succeed, and now I have a great career working as an IT Professional.

Being raised on a farm, I saw first hand the law of the farm, “You reap what you sow.” Today I see so many instances of people or policy trying to hack this equation. It just does not work, like the law of conservation of energy; everyone tries to get around it but its just one of those universal truths. Our public sector is funded by our private sector, another one of those truths. Alberta is such a great place to live because of how hard we work to make it so. I am passionate, and proud of what our Province is, and who we are as a people. No more catering to the protestors and naysayers that intend to break this cycle. The solutions to our problems is not to stop things, but to build things that are new and better or to end on another saying "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater."


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