Why I am seeking the nomination,

A lack of young voices

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

A trend as of late is to shift the responsibility further down the road. Sustainability is not just an environmental concept, we constantly encounter decisions or policies that may have short-term gain, or are staving off short-term pain. However, in exchange for those original choices, further down the road we will need to carry an even heavier burden, with interest. I am angered with continuing this mortgaging of the future without those most likely to face the consequences being a part of the discussion. We are going to have hard enough decisions to make without the added burden of debt from the past. The future is nothing to fear, but only if we are in the right position to roll with the punches and be able to invest in or seize the opportunities to come.

Some of the things that I find concerning, and am acutely aware of given how involved I am in the tech community,

  • The two most heavily employed job classes; retail and transportation are going to be seriously affected by automation. The lack of planning and resources being allocated to handle the massive transition that I foresee happening in the next decade is alarming.
  • Our lack of effective and meaningful policy in the technological fields, both private and public, means we are left open to internal or external threats that could have devastating consequences. In addition, technical literacy appears to be lacking in public office and it means that our policy is easily open to influence by unelected people or organizations who may not have our best interests at heart.

Lack of support for major infrastructure projects

The loudest vocal minorities with glaringly obvious agendas seem to have a majority say in decision-making. There seems to be a prevailing notion that suggests unless we have 100% acceptance we cannot build anything. This is nonsense; no projects in the real world will proceed in this kind of environment. Continuing down this path will exacerbate the mass exodus of capital that is hitting working families hard right now. We as a province cannot accept this any longer. That is why I will be a strong voice for our community and make sure that the way of life, that gave so many of us such great opportunities, stays world class.

This means things like getting our natural resources to international markets so we are paid fairly. It is time to take the gloves off! That is why I will support Jason Kenney and the UCP party platform. We can no longer be idle and stand for the hypocrisy of those that oppose these projects putting our entire nation’s prosperity at risk. All the while continuing to hold out their hands for equalization, ensuring the great public services it supports, or even the energy itself. We cannot and should not stand for minorities of opinion, partisan groups, or special interests dictating what we can or cannot do. Democracy is by its definition control by the majority, it is the living will of the people. If governments at any level try to block major projects like pipelines then a referendum should make clear the irrefutable consensus of the people.

This current government is mortgaging our future

After reading through the past few provincial budgets, it has become clear that the current government thinks the budget will magically come to balance itself in 2022. This being after their failed promises of keeping deficits small after the first two years. Every Albertans share of the provincial debt will have gone up by ~500 percent when this government is finished. This is an intergenerational mortgage; there is no debt forgiveness when those who made the choices are gone, only a dollar value that every person that comes here or every baby born is expected to carry. Their carbon tax was supposed to get us a so-called ‘social license’ to build pipelines but the opponents still oppose and are now on track to cause death by delay. Almost all reasonable economic theory states that pressure from taxation can only be sustainable under healthy economies. Yet this government put in this tax purely on faulty ideology in the middle of an economic slump to the detriment of everyone. I do not want to continue building dissociation between our public services and our economy. We cannot have one without the other.



Your support for me now through this nomination process will confirm that I am in a position to do my best to ensure that our future is bright. Not just for us all now, but for the next generation of Albertans also.

Thank you for your interest,

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