Ever hear the line ‘I don’t like any of the people running’ around election time? Independent candidates aside, this is a result of the nomination process. Every party is slightly different but it essentially determines who gets to wear the party banner on the ballot for that particular election. They almost never make the front page here in Canada, but they are a fundamental part of the democratic process. The parties that most people know of will run candidates in every electoral district and therefore will have a nomination process in each electoral district. If only one person puts their name forward, they get acclaimed. If there are more than one, a nomination contest takes place to determine who gets endorsement from the party. These events are usually determined by very small fractions of the public, and hence why its easy to end up with candidates that don’t get people very excited. This is why its critically important to get involved and make your voice heard at the polls, even for nomination contests, and for the UCP this means being a good standing member.

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