“What makes you different than the other nomination candidates?” I have heard this question quite a few times and thought I would address this here.


When a member of a party decides to seek the nomination, they agree to represent the principles of the party. The base principles that generate most of the policy of a party are defined at their creation, and a scheduled update process takes place to revisit and revise to keep up with the times, and what its members desire.

What does this mean? You have to agree with the policies of the party or you risk disqualification or being disavowed by the party. Moreover, why would a party want a candidate that does not agree with their values?

Now that being said, these policy declarations are usually generic, and will only call out specifics for big ticket items. An example for the UCP would be the elimination of the carbon tax. The areas not clearly defined are where there can be differences. However unless someone has made public their thoughts and opinions on a subject, comparisons would be nothing but speculation. Because of this, I plan to write articles on subjects of interest such that you can decide whether not knowing what someone believes, or knowing what they believe and disagreeing on certain issues is better or worse. In addition to this, I will be detailed as to why I believe what I do, so that perhaps in the future if I change my mind, you can see the progression of my ideas and have context. You can message me your requests via my Facebook page, or by email.

You can read the UCP Policy declaration here.

Leadership contests are outside the scope of this standard nomination process. In addition, as they are seeking to be leader, they would have significant influence on direction of the party, provided those changes are generally supported or not contested by the party’s members.


Now this is where it is much easier to differentiate candidates. Some examples of these would be,

  • How they grew up?
  • Where they grew up and how they have gotten to live where they do now?
  • What have they done for work?
  • What have they accomplished?
  • What inspired them to run?

For me, I answer most of this on my homepage here.

In summary, I believe information is key to making good decisions.


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