My thoughts on the matter

I believe that abortion is generally immoral. This is my personal perspective, and as you will see later on, morality and where I believe the law should be are not equal.

Now that being said there are innumerable circumstances in which I would take no moral issue. Examples would be

  • Pregnancies that are a result of sexual assault
  • Pregnancies that are a result of stealthing, or other yet to be coded lack of consent scenarios
  • Pregnancies that are or will become a significant health risk to the woman


On access to abortion services, I think we can and should do better to expand. The reason I believe this is not because I want the practice to grow but because access to health care in general should not be about whether you have the means (money, time off, etc) to travel to specific centers. This is of course dependant on health care regions willingness or ability to perform the procedure (another commonality with access to other medical services as well). I would not push for policy that improved access for abortions alone, it would need to be accessibility in general, and in those cases I would support its inclusion.

On general legality I would entertain reducing the time frame allowed from its current 20 weeks or 5 months (aligning more with European laws that focus more on the common good of babies in a society as opposed to the moral question), however I would likely not support this unless neighboring provinces joined in a similar discussion (essentially violating the higher precedent of my concern regarding access). Of note that would not be dependant on other provinces, I would support policy that enforces a waiting period such that this important decision made is not confined to ‘as soon as an appointment is available’ timeframes or perhaps mandating neutral education sessions to ensure decisions being made are considering the best information available.

In addition, public funds must be tracked. I am not talking about personally identifiable information, I am talking about numbers. How is society supposed to judge the effects of our current laws if we don’t have accurate numbers? I have read quite a few articles talking about the numbers decreasing, while simultaneously reading that clinics are suppressing information being sent back to health services. This last point is an observation, I do not have clear enough information here to make a policy statement, but I thought it was important to include given recent articles on the topic.


Now all this being said, while I believe there are discussions to be had regarding abortion that are important to all of us as a society, I do not believe it is a top priority at this time. Our province faces funding and spending crisis’s that are of crucial importance to everyone. I believe social issue discussions such as these are only effectively had when base needs are taken care of. Everyone working and making ends meet comfortably in a sustainable manor, with government coffers filled, no deficits, and shrinking debt levels.