In order for me to secure the nomination of the UCP in the Sherwood Park district, I need you to vote for me in the yet unannounced nomination contest. This will be similar to an election, in that you will need to go to the polling station and cast a ballot. If you join the mailing list or watch my Facebook page, I will inform you when this information becomes available.

In order to vote in a UCP nomination contest

  1. You need to be a UCP member of good standing (have your membership for 21 days prior to the contest). You may sign up online here.
  2. You need to be a resident of the district being voted on (You can view the map below, or check your district here).Electoral District 81 - Sherwood Park
  3. You need to vote at the polling station on the date of the nomination contest.


Additional information can be found in the UCP Candidate Selection rules here